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The Russian Investigation Agency has learned the identity of the terrorist

The Russian Agency on Information was notified by the Russian Investigation Agency that the identity of the suicide bomber of the Russian busiest airport was established.  News in Russian at:

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Hosni Mubarak MUST GO

The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak must leave the highest post of the country. There are hosts of reasons, and one of the most important of them is that the people do not want him there anymore. From the very beginning … Continue reading

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Russia has adopted the law against trading on inside information

 Finally after many years of putting off adopting the law against trading on inside information, Russia has enforced the international standards into the area of trading securities. However, the sanctions against inside traders are still very mild and they will … Continue reading

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Работа бога, дьявола? Нет, человека!

 Ученые из Массачуссетского технологического итститута вполне уверены, что выращивание органов из клеток, принадлежащих самому же пациенту, – дело неотдаленного будущего. Речь идет о нескольких годах, а не десятилетиях. Документальный фильм об исследованиях в этом направлении можно посмотреть по адресу: … Continue reading

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PepsiCo in Russia

Russian authorities have given the green light to buy 100% shares of Wimm-Bill-Dann Corporation, which dominates in the post Soviet market in production non-alcoholic beverages. After this acquisition the share of PepsiCo. in the market will be about 47%. The … Continue reading

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The Russian Currency

 A new poll shows that the Russian ruble has been getting more ground against the US dollar and the Euro. More and more Russians prefer to keep their savings in rubles. Read in English at:

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Ежегодное послание президента Америки

Вчерашнее выступление президента Обамы можно было бы сравнить с увлекательными романами Герберта Уэлса. Президент Америки в основном говорил о будущем развитии американских технологий, перестройке в системе образования, конкуретной способности экономики, развитии инфраструктуры, выработке чистой энергии и других вопросах. Несмотря на … Continue reading

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The major concerns in Russia for the second decade of the 21st Century

 I am not a big fan of Mr. Anatoly Chubais whose visions and reforms made Russia more controversial and divided than ever before. His political enemies attributed to him a range of activities and abilities from criminal acts to devilish … Continue reading

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Russia is going to buy more arms and munitions from the West

It is obvious for the American arms dealers and munitions producers that they have to pay much more attention to what is going on in Russia. The Russian military establishment turned down many domestic-produced weapons and is actively looking for … Continue reading

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The other two US Marshals killed

Just few days two marshals were slain by a career criminal in Miami and another news broke out: two cops were killed in St. Petersburg, FL. There are no words of consolation for their families and children. Our hearts are … Continue reading

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