Today Russian prime minister Medvedev tendered the resignation of the cabinet of ministers to  president Putin. It occured right after the latter proposed a host of amendments to the Russian constitution that would shift balance of power between government branches.

Recently his closest assistants have informed the Russian public that the president was considering about his successor as a new president. Today’s proposals to make amendments show that Putin has contemplated a lot about not only who will be his heir, but also how s/he will be working and behaving so that that person will preserve his legacy and take Russia to the direction that he envisioned.

Putin will stay in power until 2024 and he has 4 years to the end of his presidency. Considering that constitutional process will take some time, and adoption of new amendments will show the framework for new governments and hence the checks and balances for a new incumbent. These proposals show that the current president wants to oversee the process of transforming his power to the new president on his terms as smoothly as possible.

It is obvious that Medvedev won’t be such a person. There are many reasons for this rejection. First of all the Russians know Medvedev for a long time and he is not popular. His reputation has been tarnished significantly by many critics especially by Navalny’s investigations with allegations of being corrupt and unlawful enormous enrichment. Second, Putin himself was a vociferous critic of Medvedev especially for decisions made in foreign affairs.

In a few weeks we are going to see an heir apparent or a litany of them. Who knows s/he will be a final choice of Putin?

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